We do fundraisers with school PACs and also with community groups. The fundraisers are a great way to support local agriculture while at the same time raising funds.

Here’s how it works:
We sell seed packs to your group/school at wholesale (2020 pricing is $2.50/pack+GST). Retail is $4 so you make $1.50/pack sold.
We provide a custom digital/fillable order form that you can email or print off and distribute to members/students, who then go out to parents/neighbors/family etc. and sell as many packs as possible (multiple forms per student may be necessary) With schools we have learned that the more classes you can get the form to, the more you will sell.
Once the orders are in, a co-ordinator compiles the orders and sends us a master order. We get the seed packs to the co-ordinator who distributes them to the students/members, and they in turn get them to any of their customers.
Please contact us if you are doing any fundraising and we can get you more information.