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FLOWERSCommon NameDescriptionLatin NameApprox. seeds & growing days
Borage:Large, fuzzy cucumber-scented leaves and vivid blue flowers attract bees all summer long. Grown for the bees and flowers, young leaves can be cooked like spinach or used in salads. The stunning blue flowers are edible, and have a mild cucumber flavor that is delicious in salad. Container friendly.Borago officinalis25 SEEDS
Calendula: ***SOLD OUT*** Cheerful daisy-like blooms in orange, yellow & cream. 2' tall. Edible & medicinal uses. Very cold hardy. Container friendly. Will self seed.Calendula officinalis150 SEEDS 50 DAYS
Nasturtium Blend:
***SOLD OUT***
Variations of red, orange, yellow cream coloured flowers. Edible flowers with a peppery flavour. Make capers with green seed pods. Elegant plants will climb or trail. Container friendly. Plant early direct.Tropaeolum majus25 SEEDS
Poppy Mary's Ukranian:
***SOLD OUT***
Deep pink petals with purple centers. Edible seeds. 2.5ft tall. Fall or early plant direct. Will self seed.Papaver sp.200 SEEDS
Sunflower Russian Mammoth:
***SOLD OUT***
Cheerful flowers on 10' tall stocks. Huge seed heads with large edible seeds. Attracts butterflies. Plant mid-season direct.Helianthus annuus25 SEEDS 90 DAYS
Cosmos Mini Blend:Bright cheery flowers with deep shades of pink to bright white petals and yellow centers. 1.5' tall. Container friendly.150 SEEDS
Marigold Taj Mahal:Indian heirloom originally collected at the Taj Mahal. Striking red / orange velvety blooms on 2-3' tall branching bushes. Full sun. Beneficial to soil, good border. Plant early direct.Tagetes spp.250 SEEDS
Basil Genovese:From Italy. Large Pungent Green Leaves, Ideal for Pesto, Pasta Sauces, and Drying. Container friendly. Plant mid-season inside or late outside.50 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Catnip:A very handsome herb with delicate heart-shaped leaves & small white flowers. Medicinal tea. Attracts beneficial insects as well as cats! 3'Nepeta cataria250+ SEEDS
Chamomile:Beauiful small flowers on a low growing plant. Use flowers fresh or dry for a soothing tea. Sow early and again late summer. Will self seed.Matricaria chamomilla.100+ SEEDS
Chive:Grown in clumps, upright hollow green leaves have mild onion flavour. Edible pink flowers. Perennial herb. Container friendly.Allium sp.250+ SEEDS
Cilantro:Fresh green leaves or dried seed (Coriander). Pick regularly and re-sow for a continuous harvest. Cold Hardy. Plant early direct.Coriandrum sativum50 SEEDS
Dill:Leaves & seeds are used as seasoning. Attracts beneficial insects. Easy to grow. 3' tall. Plant late direct.Antheum graveolens100 SEEDS
Parsley Italian:Flat leaf. Healthful dark green leaves on tall graceful stems add flavour and colour. High in vitamin C. More than a garnish! Conatiner friendly.Petroselinium crispum50 SEEDS
Parsley Hamburg:Curly Leaf variety with dense bright green leaves and long white roots used fresh or dried to flavor soups. 50 SEEDS
Summer Savory:Aromatic herb used fresh or dried with meats, bean dishes & salads. Fast Growing annual.Satureja hortensis100 SEEDS
Heather's Salad Mix:A mesclun mix of fast growing flavourful greens. Arugula, Mizuna, Red Mustard, Peppercress, Kale. Cold hardy. Container friendly. Plant early direct or starts.200 SEEDS 30 DAYS
Arugula:Spicy dark greens leaves with a nutty flavour. Add zip to salads, sandwiches and pesto. Container friendly. Plant early direct or starts.Eruca sativa200 SEEDS 30 DAYS
Red Mustard:Large rounded leaves are pale green when young, becoming blushed maroon on top. Crisp and refreshingly spicy. 200 SEEDS 30 DAYS
Cress Curly Peppergrass: Finely cut blue green leaves are a spicy addition to salads, soups and sandwiches. 200 SEEDS 30 DAYS
Beets Flat of Egypt:
***SOLD OUT***
Egyptian heirloom. Very old. Heart-shaped, flat topped roots with sweet crimson flesh. Rapid growth.Plant mid-late season direct.Beta vulgaris200 SEEDS 50 DAYS
Kale Red Russian:Russian heirloom pre 1885. Tender, Sweet tender leaves with purple stems and viens. Cold Hardy. Container friendly. Plant early direct or starts.Brassica oleracea var acephela150 SEEDS 50 DAYS
Mizuna Kyoto:Japanese. Fast growing light green leaves with tender white stems. Use fresh or lightly cooked. Nice mild flavour. Container friendly. Plant early direct or starts.b.rapa var. japonica150 SEEDS
Radish Alta Globe:Perfectly Round Red Roots, Crispy and White Inside. Container friendly. Plant early direct.Raphanus sativus100 SEEDS 30 DAYS
Spinach Bloomsdale Savoy:
***SOLD OUT***
Large, Deeply Crinkled, Dark Green Leaves. Fresh Flavour, Slow to bolt. Plant early direct (might not germinate if soil too warm)spinacia oleracea150 SEEDS 50 DAYS
Swiss Chard Bright Lights:
***SOLD OUT***
Fast growing multi-coloured stems with large green and red leaves. All Seasons. Container friendly. Plant early direct or starts.Beta vulgaris var. cicla200 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Loose Leaf Blend:
***SOLD OUT***
Fill your salad bowl with crisp sweet leaves in a myriad of shapes and colours. All season. Does best spring/fall. Plant early/late summer.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Loose Leaf
Dutch Winter:Bright green, large wavy leaves. Most cold hardy of the varities we grow. Plant early/late summer. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 50 DAYS
Ruby Red:Shiny dark red ruffled leaves. Heat tolerant. All season. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 55 DAYS
Sunfire Red Oak:
***SOLD OUT***
Red Oak Leaf. Ideal for salad mixes. Fast growing. All Season. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 55 DAYS
Cimmaron:American favorite since the 1700's. Red Romaine. Crisp & tender. Excellent flavour. Slow to bolt. All season. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Parris Island Cos:Classic Green Romaine. Crisp sweet dark green leaves with white hearts. Slow to bolt. All season. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Mini Head
Tom Thumb:
***SOLD OUT*** *
English heirloom that came to America at the time that General TomThumb (a dwarf) was performing for Barnum and Bailey in New York. Coincidence? Delicious small green Butterhead. Plant early/late summer. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Crisp Head
Reine des Glaces:
***SOLD OUT***
Beautiful french heirloom. (aka ice queen) Jagged leaf edges. Bolt resistant and stays crisp for a long time. All season. Container friendly.latuca sativa200 SEEDS 60 DAYS
TOMATOESTomatoes do best started inside at least to get them germinated. Watch that they don't get to leggy and that you harden them off before moving outside. They are best grown in a greenhouse or under cover to avoid blight. Days to maturity is from transplant.
Blue Berry:VINE. Very dark purple color. Super rich in anthocyannis. Intensely fruity and sugar sweet flavor. Very producitve.25 SEEDS 75 DAYS
Chocolate Cherry:VINE. 1-2oz brownish red fruit, prolific 6' tall vines. Produces until the frost. Sweet & juicy.25 SEEDS 65 DAYS
Farthest North:BUSH. Introduced by North Dakota state University in 1934. Very early and prolific. Will set fruit in cold weather. Container friendly. Very rare.25 SEEDS 65 DAYS
Stupice:VINE. Large red cherry tomatoes. Bold taste. Long, attractive branches of ripening fruit on 6' tall vigorous vines. Early. Bred in the Czech Republic in the 1970's.25 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Merville Rocket:BUSH. Early, prolific, small round Red fruit with excellent sweet tart flavor Container friendly. This is a classic rocket tomato that has been grown by Steve Horel at RockBottom Farm in Merville for 30+ years.25 SEEDS 65 DAYS
Jaune Flamme: Vine. Persimmon colored 2-3 oz uniform, prolific fruit. Sweet and low acid. 25 SEEDS 70 DAYS
Mortgage Lifter:VINE. Great depression-era american heirloom. Allowed many farmers to recover from debt. Extra large rosy red Beefsteak tomatoes. Famous flavor.25SEEDS 85 DAYS
***SOLD OUT***
VINE. XL Rose Red, meaty fruit with few seeds. Slice or use for sauce. Sweet/tart flavour. 5' tall vines,25 SEEDS 85 DAYS
Zia Maria:
***SOLD OUT***
Vine. Red Paste Rich flavor. Large Pear shaped and very meaty. Italian heirloom.
Principe Borghese:BUSH. Italian Heirloom famous for sauces & sun-drying. Drying intensifies an already amazing taste. 1-2 oz red, plum shaped fruit. Huge, continuous harvest. 3' tall.25 SEEDS 70 DAYS
Tomatillo:Pale green lantern-like husks cover 2-3" green fruit. Sun loving, drought tolerant. Stake plants. Salsa Verde 'til the cows come home!25 SEEDS 70 DAYS
All squash/cukes are best started inside or in a greenhouse. Wait until it warms up to move them outside.
Cucumber Lemon:***SOLD OUT*** Originally obtained in Australia and introduced in 1894. Yellow fruit the size and shape of lemons grow on productive vines. Excellent on salads or as a snack. Easily digested.Cucumis sativus25 SEEDS 65 DAYS.
Cucamelon:These super cute fruit are the size of a large grape. They taste like a cucumber with a hint of citrus. Also called Mexican sour gherkin or little watermelon. Melothria scabra 25 SEEDS 67 DAYS
Marketmore 76:A standard for home gardens, this is a sweet, crisp slicing cuke that also makes great pickles!! Prolific when well watered. Resistant to scab, cucumber mosaic virus and mildews. Plant late from starts.
Cucumis sativus25 SEEDS 68 DAYS
Zuchini Dark Star:Cylindrical Zukes with dark green skins on productive compact plants with spineless stalks. Prolific producer. Great vigor and produces well with minimal water. Developed in California.Cucurbita pepo12 SEEDS 55 DAYS
***SOLD OUT***
Awesome, serving size mini butternut with tan/burnt orange skin and sweet flavor. Makes 1Ú2 to 1 lbs. Size fruit. Developed by the vegetable breeding program at Cornell University. Plant as early as possible.c. moschata15 SEEDS 110 DAYS
Rouge V'if D'Etampes:(aka Cinderella) Old french heirloom from 1800's Beautiful flat shape. Amazing thick yellow flesh great for pie or soup. Early maturing.Cucurbita maxima10 SEEDS 95 DAYS
PEASPeas can go in very early and do much better in spring. Can also be planted late summer for fall harvest. Best direct sown.
Banana Nano:Large Edible Pods. Let Peas Mature to Full Size. Aka Brazilian pea. Delicious! Grows to 5' Tall. Like to climb fish net.Pisum sativum20 SEEDS 70 DAYS
Sugar Snap:
***SOLD OUT***
Sweet edible pods full of plump peas. The perfect snack! 5' Tall. Likes to climb fish net.Pisum sativum25 SEEDS 65 DAYS
Champion of England:
***SOLD OUT***
Old variety collected by Robert Woodbridge's grandfather (Woodbridge Strain) in the 1940's from a manor garden in Lincolnshire, England. Tall growing vines produce many large pods filled with delicious sweet peas. Likes to climb fish net.Pisum sativum25 SEEDS 70 DAYS
Bush Snap:
3 color blend:
***SOLD OUT***
3 varieties~one pack! Fresh & tasty green, yellow & purple pods.phaseolus vulgaris30 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Blue Lake:
***SOLD OUT***
5" long, green beans on productive plants. Old fashioned taste.phaseolus vulgaris30 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Royal Burgundy:Tasty purple pods turn green when cooked. Pick when young.phaseolus vulgaris30 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Honey Wax:Pale yellow pod, prolific snap bean. Long season, Good flavor.phaseolus vulgaris30 SEEDS 60 DAYS
Bush Dual:
Orca Bush Dry:Prolific plants produce striking Black and White colored beans. Use in stew, chili or in place of black beans 30 SEEDS
Dragon Tongue:
***SOLD OUT***
Dutch heirloom. Tender tan pods with Purple streaks. Excellent flavor. Dual Purpose.phaseolus vulgaris30 SEEDS 65 DAYS
Pole Snap:
Blue Lake:Uniform 5" Long green Beans. Superb Flavor. Vines climb to 8'phaseolus vulgaris25 SEEDS 70 DAYS
Pole Dual:
Oma's Yellow:Pale Yellow, Flat Pods On Tall Vines. Excellent Flavor Fresh or Dried.phaseolus vulgaris25 SEEDS 70 DAYS
Scarlet:Green pods are long, flat & tender when picked young. Excellent as a fresh or dry bean. Bright red flowers. Support vines. 5' tall. Likes to climb fish net. Can be planted slightly earlier than regular beans. They enjoy cool feet and will drop their flowers if it is too hot.Phaseolus coccineous15 SEEDS 75 DAYS
Broad Beans:
Fava Windsor: 3' tall plants produce large amounts of plump pods. Excellent fresh or as a dry bean. 15 SEEDS
Fava Purple:Dark purple colored beans fill massive pods. Minimal support required. Use fresh or as dry bean. 15 SEEDS
Amaranth: Dramatic purple plants up to 6' tall topped with plumes of flowers. Harvest edible grain by shaking to release seeds when mature.