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About Us

Good Earth Farms is a small certified organic seed farm, owned and operated by Heather & Simon Toole, with help from a small dedicated staff. Located in Black Creek on Vancouver Island, B.C., the farm is situated in the unceded traditional territory of the Komox First Nation. Our seed business, which started in 2001, moved to our own farm in 2004. Here, we grow over 65 varieties of open-pollinated vegetables, herbs, and flowers for seed production.

We are passionate about the varieties we cultivate, focusing on those that taste amazing and perform well. In response to the climate emergency, we are dedicated to organic and regenerative practices, striving to continually reduce our carbon footprint. We believe open-pollinated seeds are the foundation of a democratic and sustainable local food system. Our efforts are directed towards producing high-quality seed and preserving our farm and garden heritage.

We hope you enjoy our seeds and feel empowered to get out and grow!

(or as we say the Good Earth)

The Soil

Good Earth is more than just a name, the soil is the foundation that supports life and provides the conditions for the growth of healthy resilient seeds and food. Getting our Organic Certification was important to us, making a tangible commitment to the land, water, air and seeds that we steward. Using only natural amendments, 3 year crop rotation with rest periods and cover crops, natural (non plastic) mulch for water and nutrient retention, maintaining our own water source, restricting the use of heavy equipment and soil tilling, switching to electric vehicles including car and lawn mower.

The Farmers

Heather is of both indigenous(Ojibway) and British ancestry and has felt an innate relationship with seeds from her early years.  She Identifies as an indigenous seed saver and is on the journey of reconnecting with her culture and kin.

Growing seeds for her community fulfills her need to feed and provide for others for generations to come.

Simon’s appreciation for home grown food began in his grandparents large garden on the outskirts of Winnipeg, most notably the raspberry patch!  An adventurous outdoors person, he developed a deep respect for nature.  He credits Dan Jason for instilling and inspiring his love of seed saving.

We hire a small seasonal staff and are ever grateful for their positive energy and hard work.

Heather and Simon at the beach.