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Preparing the garden with mulch.

Giving Back: Good Earth Farms A Small But Mighty Force

Good Earth Farms is a small but mighty force in the local food sovereignty movement.…
February 28, 2024
a hand holding seeds with a focus on the seeds with green crops in the background

A Journey of Seeds and Connection: Our Gardening Adventure in Slocan Valley

Our gardening story began in the year 2000, a tale interwoven with friendship, heritage, and…
February 11, 2024
A footprint made out of grass with CO2 cut out (Carbon Footprint)

Pioneering Sustainable Farming: Our Journey to Minimize Carbon Footprint

In an era where global warming poses a formidable threat to both farming and humanity,…
January 11, 2024
A close up of a a bean plant - almost ready for harvest.

Your Ultimate Guide to Starting a Garden – Beginners Welcome!

Are you looking to start a garden but feel overwhelmed by the prospect? Whether you're…
December 11, 2023
Close up of a section of a garden showing blooming flowers and a spade.

Planting Guide for a Thriving Garden

Beans Bush Beans: Direct sow from mid-May to June when the soil temperature is at…
November 11, 2023